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Fan Rage Two: The Crossguard Lightsaber

I don’t think I get TOO Ranty here.  Feel perfectly free to disagree with me, though… I’ll admit I got kind of emotionally involved, here.


Mean Behind the Screen: How Anonymity Online Prompts Uncivil Behavior

The inception of the Internet greatly changed how people communicate. Chat rooms, emails, forums, blogs and other online spaces speed up communication between users and allow information to spread quickly to the masses. 672 more words

Nvate Magazine

The Ahwahnee Dining Room

American diners have steadily avoided formal dining situations, it is a growing trend. I have to admit, unless I am in France, I’m less enchanted by all the formality than I used to be. 406 more words


"You Can't Talk to Me Like that, Stupid Bitch"

. . . she said, and hung up on me.

I really hate telemarketers, and I hate them most of all when they call around six, when I start making dinner. 268 more words


Kenyan Massacre

Yooo! Why is nobody talking about this though? Do you realise how many people were killed?
Okay so according to NBC News:

The churches in Kenya had to turn to armed guards to protect their Easter Sunday congregations after al Shabab gunmen massacred almost 150 people at a  university there on Thursday, singling out Christians at point-blank executions. 148 more words


| that's a turn signal, bonehead |

It isn’t magic. And you aren’t Moses; traffic won’t part at your command.

What’s going on with people? Something dark and malevolent comes over them when they start those towering hulks they drive. 269 more words


Trans Teen now national hero

It was made aware to me that recently in the state of South Carolina that a trans teenager was given trouble about her photo because she wanted to wear make up in it. 224 more words