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antebellum "coming of age" moments via old scrapbooks

Next Tuesday, the students enrolled in my Antebellum America course will visit the A.S. Williams III Americana Collection in the University of Alabama’s Gorgas Library. 1,633 more words


Perceptions and Intentions

It is, I believe, a given that each of us perceives differently, be it a question of colors, words, or actions.  The question that is more relevant in a theological sense is, what are our intentions? 135 more words


A somewhat snarky remark from a class participant recently that individuals have differing needs – therefore, there is no need for people to be on the same page about things.   111 more words

The Arbitrary Laws of My Blog

This is literally my domain. I paid a whole $24 for it. In my house, I set the rules.

I admit I’m new to the experience of entertaining many comments on my own blog. 819 more words

I assumed the older individuals near me had been blasted by Bryan Adams from their basements throughout the 80’s by their pimple faced offspring

A fine friend of mine took me to a Bryan Adams concert last night. I can still hear so I might as well speak. I had only been to one other concert in my life about 28 years ago. 565 more words


Civility - Read Between The Lines

“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.” Indira Gandhi


On Questioning Patriotism And The Rules Of Civility

Rudy Giuliani questioned whether or not Obama loves America, and of course the left is up in arms (and issuing death threats) about it. Leaving aside the question of the accuracy for the statement for a minute, I’m going to just briefly touch on… 69 more words