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Richard Clow's Interest in the 56th Mass.? - The Crater - July 1864

Thinking back to some of the reasons why Richard Clow may have enlisted in the 56th Mass. Infantry in 1865, one of the items he notes in his February letter to his sister is that the 56th was “cut up badly” and needed replacements. 667 more words

Civil War

An Anniversary That Deserves To Be Honored

Any of us who spends any time at all reading or watching the news cannot fail to observe the obsession the news media have for anniversaries.  446 more words

Republican Politics

52 Ancestors #9 Howell Joel "Hobby" Wedgeworth

This challenge is set forth by No Story Too Small, and this week’s theme is “Close to home.”

You can’t get more close to home than this story. 276 more words


Gypsies in Connecticut

On Saturday, February 28, I am doing a presentation on gypsies in Connecticut at the Russell Library at 2pm in Middletown, CT. I’ll be providing the background and historical records that I used to develop my historical novel, CARAVAN OF DREAMS. 20 more words

Beth Lapin

Review of Spy of Richmond

In her novel, Spy of Richmond, Jocelyn Green tells the story of Sophie Kent, the daughter of a southern slaveholder who dares to write abolitionist articles for the newspaper. 492 more words

Book Review

Now you know Friday

Mississippi didn’t ratify the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, until 2013.


The First Micro-History: Pickett's Charge

Stewart had long been interested in Pickett’s Charge, which historians consider the turning point in the American Civil War.   Stewart’s uncle John was a soldier for the union army, who told stories of the Peninsular Campaign to his  nephew. 657 more words

George R. Stewart