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Being A Rigid Ideologue Is Not A Strength

Being a rigid ideologue is not a strength if it leaves you closed minded and unable to consider evidence to the contrary.

Owen Cook, whom Julien Blanc is under at the “pickup” training site Real Social Dynamics has this to say. 346 more words

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Eighth Annual Forum on Women in Leadership Then and Now: Women in Civil Rights Leadership


Streamed live on Mar 26, 2015

From the early days of the Civil Rights movement, African American women have worked and served in numerous and influential leadership roles. 132 more words


A new $20 bill

Pull all the bills out of your wallet. Notice anything in particular about them? Compared to other world currency our bills are rather boring. Not much for color. 666 more words

From The Cavalier County Republican

Prison: A Just Desert

Deserves everything he got, and all that he has coming to him

Shit, should have never broke the law, caused the harm, knew what he was doing, 603 more words


New Webisode! #Chodes.

After reviewing some of these abusive chodes youtube videos I have decided to create a new webisode.

Basically I’m going ot have extremely large dudes hitting on Owen Cook and Julien Blanc of Real Social Dynamics. 81 more words

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