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The Willie Horton ad campaign (1988)

“When George Bush used the Willie Horton ad, he knew what he was doing” Politician Paul Tsongas. 326 more words

African American

An overdue debate about the Civil War and truth in history

After Charleston, South Carolina, there is a new, vigorous debate about the Civil War, the Confederacy, race relations, slavery, and, about truth in history. It is all very healthy, and all long overdue. 783 more words



This is the Fourth of July weekend. Yesterday a friend and I drove to my brother’s house where the three of us enjoyed the traditional barbeque to celebrate the holiday. 340 more words

Two Wins for the Disabled

I recently binge watched the last day of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. One of the most gratifying resolutions was adopted during the last half-hour of the final session. 168 more words


"The Southern Strategy Doesn't Work Anymore": Rick Perry Wants To Reach Out To Black People. He’ll Have To Do A Lot Better

Yesterday, Rick Perry went to the National Press Club in Washington to deliver a speech that may have seemed unusual, in that it was characterized as an effort to reach out to African Americans, but actually contained much less than meets the eye. 1,173 more words


Abortions from a Small Island

Prince Edward Island is by far the smallest Canadian province. You see most of it by bicycle within a week.

This has profound consequences on people seeking abortions, as… 352 more words


Thoughts on marriage and gay marriage

Hat tip to Tiffany’s Non-Blog.

There are lessons in this chart for people who advocate social change, and that is to never think that electing a particular politician is enough, and especially to never settle for the lesser of two evils. 795 more words