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Let's Say it Together- Protest, Good-Vandalism & Violence, Bad #Oakland

The whole country now knows that on May 1st, our auto row was inexplicably attacked-were they rabid environmentalists, anti-oil-use radicals? Who knows? It was kinda gross though. 773 more words

Civil Rights Movement


The beings/creatures who occupy bodies with a pink epidermis would like to BELIEVE, along with others who BELIEVE, that they are “superior” or “supreme” over the majority , but it’s so far from the facts. 210 more words


African Americans Ain't Africans Presents: Boule Bleachout: Tariq Nasheed

Tonight we look at one of the personalities that help shape the consciousness of the African American community.

According to his bio, Mr. Nasheed is an author, documentary film producer, media personality, satirist, Internet radio host, relationship expert, and social commentator, focusing on the psychology of dating and African-American social history. 45 more words



It has never been about black or white, christian or muslim, or crips or bloods,…EVIL is and has been always about CLASSISM and maintaining it. Wherever people reside they are programed to think that somehow they are better than the next person from their cultural upbringings, which it is in itself is the race between Intelligence and Ignorance,(THE I’s have it) all the rest are nothing more than divide and conquer….What we have is poor, better off, rich, and then there is the greedy…the ones that control the operators of who is allowed to say what and do what.. 570 more words


Open Road, Open Mind - Birmingham, AL

So here I am, in Birmingham, Alabama.

I got myself in this irrational, totally cultural misappropriationist dixie craze after I decided to spend my summer working in Dallas. 732 more words


from last night at the Nottingham Contemporary

Sample paragraphs from Russell’s introduction to Tongues Untied and Looking for Langston:

‘The homophobic, heterosexual architecture of the world. Have you ever noticed how homophobic buildings are, in their institution, in their bricks and mortar? 361 more words