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Orthodoxy in Public

In this morning’s Washington Post, Amanda Bennett has written an article on bias that is well worth reading. She raises the question, and fuels it with strong and reasonable “what ifs” regarding the interaction of certain religious orthodoxies that in our daily public life are experienced by women as prejudicial. 162 more words

Civil Discourse

Encounter Between Generals Nelson and Davis

Weekly Story

A dispute between General Jefferson C. Davis and his superior, General William “Bull” Nelson, ends badly.

General Nelson—roughly and angrily—“About twenty-five hundred! About twenty-five hundred! 1,110 more words

American History

The Family of Nations

The family of nations is a phrase often used, but ignored in its essential usefulness. We use it as a parallel pretense to our cultural “agreement” that families are functional social units. 334 more words

Civil Discourse


Right now as I type, the inter-webs is still blowing up along the hashtag #ThingsJesusNeverSaid – This is a very clever thing. A place for progressive Christians, non-Christians, and conservative Christians to sling the proverbial spit and mud at their blind counterparts in 140 characters or less. 419 more words

Almost the End - Appomattox


In late March of 1865, Grant threatens Lee’s supply line to Petersburg, meaning that Lee‘s army is now in danger of being enveloped and starved into submission. 1,400 more words


“Peace be with you” . . . did I really mean that?

I’ve heard it said that peace is not simply the absence of war, but the work of justice.
For those of us who adhere to the Christian faith tradition, we often say words such as, “Peace be with you”, “Go in the Peace of Christ”, “Grant Us Peace”, or simply, “peace” to each other during our formal liturgies and other gatherings. 415 more words

Well, that just put me over the top . . .

As I continue to allow this blog to unfold and naturally evolve, I can’t help but going back to the “first things first” reasoning behind this blog. 531 more words