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“Peace be with you” . . . did I really mean that?

I’ve heard it said that peace is not simply the absence of war, but the work of justice.
For those of us who adhere to the Christian faith tradition, we often say words such as, “Peace be with you”, “Go in the Peace of Christ”, “Grant Us Peace”, or simply, “peace” to each other during our formal liturgies and other gatherings. 415 more words

Well, that just put me over the top . . .

As I continue to allow this blog to unfold and naturally evolve, I can’t help but going back to the “first things first” reasoning behind this blog. 531 more words

In Defense of the Opt-Out Movement

My social media news feeds are awash in stories related to the growing local and national opt-out movements for this year’s newest iteration of the standardized testing craze. 2,244 more words


We have a bunch of children leading this country

Democrats are furious, Republicans defiant, it’s a possibility that an egregious act of treason has been committed, but more than that: neither side knows the rules of civil discourse any longer. 129 more words


What's this all about?

I’ve been giving this blogging thing lots of thought: 1) in what manner should I articulate my thoughts and, 2) to whom am I writing and what would we discuss? 277 more words

How to Engage in Honest Dialog

How to Engage in Honest Dialog

There’s a real difference between discussion and dialog.Discussion fills the radio and television airways and most political arenas. Think of a discussion as a tennis match in which contestants toss ideas back and forth seeking to vanquish their opponent. 316 more words