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Art in America

When was the last time you went to an art museum? When was the last time your children went to an art museum, listened to poetry, attended a play, learned how to paint or danced in the living room? 461 more words


Robots and Civil Discourse

On March 17, 2014 the Los Angeles Times was the first to report a nearby earthquake.  In this age of tweets and texts, how did the news company break the story? 465 more words

Ken Schwenke

How to Fix a Broken Record - In the Aftermath of Charleston

The Charleston church shooting left broken lives, and the reminder that racism is still a potent and malignant force in American culture. I wouldn’t pretend to blame the tragedy on anyone other than the shooter, or on anything other than the warped ideology that compelled him to act. 745 more words

Civil Discourse, John Wayne, and Me (A KJ Op Ed)

I have found myself watching a lot of Westerns, recently…great old television shows like “Have Gun, Will Travel” with Richard Boone, “Bat Masterson”, “Wyatt Earp,”, and, of course, “Maverick”. 1,298 more words


Hell on the Potomac - Point Lookout, Maryland


In June of 1865, as the war fizzles to its end, the Union disgorges hundreds of thousands of Confederate POWs, some held as long as mid-1863. 1,768 more words


A Disclaimer for Discourse

It so often seems, that a difference of opinion provokes one to hostility. Quite frequently, when one’s ideology or beliefs are challenged, such scrutiny is seen as a personal slight. 1,547 more words


democracy hypocrisy

You might have heard of Scott DesJarlais (R), Tennessee Congressman who recently voted in favor of a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. No big deal, pretty predictable – he consistently supports anti-choice legislation and has used ‘family values’ as a foundation of his campaigns. 218 more words