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The Opal Man (c) 2014 VicRAP

Synposis: Sydney recently implemented the Opal Card public transport charging system on all public transport. Up until middle of 2014, Sydney was using paper tickets and relying on the honestly of patrons to pay their fares.   588 more words


Sydney train station signs, make up your mind!

Concord West station in Sydney had a facelift – now their station signs look thus:

(Credit: Ainsley P/Flickr)

It feels like yesterday when they changed to these: 12 more words


Day 240: Time capsule

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I must’ve driven past Sydney’s Mortuary Station hundreds of times through the years, and not once did I realise it was here. 40 more words

365 Day Photos

The Uncaged Songbird

Blacktown, March 2014: The Uncaged Songbird

There’s a ruckus on the other side of the station. A serious ruckus. Heads are turning, people are staring. Backing off slightly. 292 more words

Call-to-action: Stop whinging, Sydney. It's unbecoming.

I started this campaign because I was just like every other Sydney Trains’ commuter. I really disliked our transport system, and having come home recently from Europe, the contrast between the two transport systems was overwhelming. 330 more words

Information And Facts

The 'Feeling Unwell' Campaign: Don't board if you're unwell.

Delays. They’re hated by every commuter and is often a source for complaint. But no transport system is perfect and it’s an occurrence that’s been experienced by every traveller. 290 more words

Information And Facts

September 6th - Chatswood Station

Another selective colour photo. In truth I spent much of the day practising this technique using this photo before moving onto the stink bug. Again it was quite effective in turning a rather dull photo into something more interesting. 163 more words

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