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"Disruption" // Grant Gulla

I have to say, watching the assigned film “Disruption” earlier this week was a huge eye opener. It really did an effective job putting things into perspective, making the viewer realize what’s in the planets future if we don’t act now. 237 more words

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So I'll Find What Lies Beneath

I swear, I didn’t forget about this blog; though, I did briefly forget the name of it a few moments ago. This is likely because I am extremely tired. 657 more words

Jobs are shifting back to cities -- and that’s good news for mass transit

After decades of gradual dispersal to the suburbs, jobs are beginning to return to the center of cities — and that creates opportunities for expanding mass transit systems. 1,218 more words


Road Trippin' in Mexico

Last month I went to Mexico.

“Ermagerrrrd so dangerous! The cartel will kill you and the food will make you sick, don’t ever leave the resort!” 1,055 more words



I was poor growing up. Poor. Single mom, no car, welfare, food stamps poor. Twice my mother and I left Milwaukee for a vacation, and both of those times were just to go to see her aunt in the town of Antigo, Wisconsin. 576 more words

Arms of Ampass, Austria

Granted 1974

Blazon: Vert on a pale argent a Pestsäule* sable

*Columns erected to commemorate the eradication of the plague and the memory of its victims


Will Obama's climate plan cause blackouts? No.

This story is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Back in November, a group of Republican lawmakers fired off a stern letter… 1,265 more words

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