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Road Trip City Highlights

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope everyone has some exciting weekend plans for this 4th of July. I created a video on my YouTube channel that highlights some things we did in each city on our road trip. 38 more words


Madrid Street Signs

Whenever I’m in a city, wandering around there tends to be something that sticks out at me and makes that city special.  This for me is not the usual landmarks, but something else that you would perhaps not give a huge amount of time to, but which I think reveals something about the soul of a place.   315 more words


City Review: Potsdam

Potsdam is a beautiful city in the Southeast of Berlin. As Berlin is that popular as a touristic destination, not that much spotlight actually hits Potsdam. 419 more words


If You Were A City

It’s been really long since I took on a writing project and now I’ve finally found one. I’m not sure what the end result is going to be but I’d like to see where it goes. 204 more words


An Irrational Request

As a fan of the fantasy genre, I have always been attracted to the concept of tree architecture. Almost every fantasy world has some magical city hidden in the forest, where the branches intertwine into canopy walkways and the trunks serve as dwellings. 271 more words


The Colours of London

It’s great to visit new places, but sometimes it’s even better to find something new in a familiar place. It’s like getting to know better a person you like. 286 more words