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私のセミナーにおいでくださった皆様、どうもありがとうございました! 久しぶりでしたね!! 笑

今回は私の古里のロックヘーブンについて話させていただきました。佐賀は田舎だという人は多いが、10,000人もいないロックヘーブンに比べて大都会ですよ! 小さいといっても、LHの歴史が面白くて、田舎ならではの楽しさがいっぱい♪

私の次のセミナーは7月14日で、その時はアメリカ人大好きなFourth of Julyについて話します。お楽しみに!

Thank you to everyone who came to my seminar this week! It’s been quite a while, huh? lol… 61 more words

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Inside Crisis Video: Little Things Do Matter

Sometimes doing our best CIR work is not enough, if we don’t pay attention to the little things. There can be little things that don’t seem to matter, but do. 14 more words

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Shootings in a Setting of Faith

How tremendously unsettling it must be for members of a faith community to have some of their members shot and killed during faith event! Where are we supposed to be safe today? 328 more words

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鶴屋の丸ぼうろ Marubouro at Tsuruya



The other day I visited a bakery of one of Saga’s most famous sweets: marubouro. The bakery, Tsuruya, was founded in 1639, and though the marubouro itself is originally from Portugal, it is said that the second generation owner of Tsuruya learned the recipe at Dejima from the Dutch. 57 more words

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The Role of Critical Incident Response in Corporate Downsizing

Originally published in the AACC Grief, Loss and Disaster Newsletter, this article looks at the role of the CIR Consultant in the traumatic aftermath of a corporate downsizing. 6 more words

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Telephonic Critical Incident Response: Effective?

In our world today, we are placing increasing emphasis on telecommuting, telecommunications, tele-you name it. Physicians, psychiatrists and other health care providers are using telecommunications with increasing frequency. 315 more words

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Inside Crisis Video: Conducting an Educational Group Briefing

At CCN, we have talked about conducting small group briefings. In order to better describe what they are, we have renamed them Educational Group Briefings. In this edition of Inside Crisis, Dennis Potter gives some suggestions for how to do these briefings using the CCN Approach.

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