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Wassup, my film-loving homies! It’s Friday… AKA my second favorite F-Word. It’s also my favorite day of the week because it’s Netflix suggestion Friday!

Let’s get the ball rolling! 535 more words



As we are in a “Cannes Frames of Mind”, (only second to my New York Frame if Mind”, as Mr. Joel puts it best; I will share a good story from my days on the Mediterranean during Festival. 523 more words

Fresh Press

From Hollywood to the 5th dimention - Here are some interesting facts about the movie 'Interstellar'

In the winter of 2014, the world renowned film director Christopher Nolan released his long awaited Sci-fi motion picture known as ‘Interstellar’. The film turned out to be an instant hit owing not only to the brilliant acting by Matthew McConaughey but the Oscar winning visual effects, and the beautiful soundtracks produced by Hans Zimmer. 1,055 more words


Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Beaming like a child.

Like John Wick (2014), Mad Max: Fury Road works because it moves.  Director George Miller understands that and keeps the metal barrelling onwards without sacrificing detail or character.   175 more words


It Follows movie review

Proving without a doubt that to live in horror movies, you have to be a virgin. It follows is a horror movie with a simple concept. 226 more words

Pitch Perfect 2 - Aca Fabulous

Mr S had the afternoon off work today and he bought me some gorgeous roses on the way home. After a quick bite to eat at home we went to the cinema for a sneaky afternoon date to see Pitch Perfect 2. 110 more words