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Girlhood’s first scene works superbly in its simultaneous fusion and separation of sound and image. Composer Para One ramps up the urgency of the electronic beat (it sounds a bit like Steve Reich, maybe John Adams) to convey the speed of a US-style football game played by young black women, while the moving image itself appears slowed down the better to show their choreography, its flawless grace and confidence as they spin and run in their spotlit armour and helmets, red and white beneath a night sky. 1,111 more words
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A New Film by Olivier Assayas

I’m really looking forward to seeing the new film by Olivier Assayas, Clouds of Sils Maria. This is my review of his last, Après Mai. 6 more words

Cinema And Other Arts

The Tyranny of Louis' Shoes

It’s great to see three women party leaders together on television, all of them on the left and offering a forceful challenge to Austerity. With her clear-cut Keynesian arguments and persuasively stated conviction that Britain needs to be a fairer place, Nicola Sturgeon has become the acknowledged star of the election debates. 943 more words
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Force Majeure

Ruben Östlund‘s Force Majeure opens on the ski slopes as an official ‘tourist photographer’ sets up his shots of an attractive, affluent Swedish couple and their two children. 850 more words

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Defining Beauty

Bronze statue, around 300 BC

In her pioneering study, The Nude Male, published in 1978, Margaret Walters wrote about the many meanings the male nude has acquired over centuries of art history. 994 more words

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History Is Now: 7 Artists Take on Britain

Penelope Slinger, Lilford Hall, 1969

The Hayward’s History Is Now overflows with so much to see. A sense of too little time hurried me on from Hannah Starkey’s section and a lot of photographs, many of which were familiar from the 70s and 80s, until I finally had to slow down in the effort to make perceptual sense of Richard Hamilton’s diptych, … 1,515 more words

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Hackney Flashers at Four Corners

The Hackney Flashers is doing an event on the evening of Friday, March 20. This time we’ll be at Four Corners in Bethnal Green, showing and talking about our work in the 70s and discussing how it might relate to visual activism today. 53 more words

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