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A Taste of Belgium in Cincinnati, Ohio

This weekend, I escaped the dreary weather of Knoxville and replaced it with the similarly dreary weather of Cincinnati, Ohio to visit my best friend. We spent most of our time eating (per usual), climbing rooftops (unusual), and playing in a cornhole tournament (strange circumstance). 265 more words


Group claiming to support ISIS hacks Cincinnati websites

CINCINNATI (AP) – A group claiming to be affiliated with Islamic state extremists has hacked the website of a developer group in downtown Cincinnati.

The group said on the webpage of 3CDC.org that the hacking is part of ISIS’s call to “restore the right of Muslims who have been killed by your government’s savage and unjust.” 82 more words


thanks for making our craft show awesome!

It was a rainy day, but our spring show was a big success! Big thanks go out to our sponsors, our trusty volunteers, our resident DJ Ben Davis, the incredible staff of the… 415 more words


Backyard Wildlife.

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, seeing White Tailed Deer was commonplace. Commonplace as in they would eat your entire garden in an hour, and run in herds amongst the horses. 24 more words


Why are only fictional books banned?

Why do only fictional books make it onto the list of banned books? Why are only the fictional made up fantastic untrue not based in reality stories described as banned in libraries and schools across the country but books based in fact and science that have the ability to help people make dangerous chemicals that can kill people or develop inventions that harm or engage in computer cyber attacking that affects real computer systems that can affect real lives negatively , why does it at first seem with some searching there are no fact based books banned only fictional? 121 more words


Carew Tower View - Cincinnati, OH

The view from the top of Carew Tower is the best one in Cincinnati! It is super cheap to go out on the observation deck. Ride an elevator almost to the top and then take a couple flights of stairs.  64 more words


Trying our hand at square foot gardening

In the past couple years, I’ve heard a lot about square foot gardening. It keeps coming up in Google searches and the 500 Gardens program we’re part of recommends it to all of the new gardeners in Madisonville. 305 more words