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Wyders Dry Raspberry Cider

I’m watching the last disc of “Gangland” and they’re discussing a New Jersey gang. As I’m watching this, I’m thinking that the landscape they’re showing looks relatively familiar. 243 more words


Spring Break in Toronto!

Being under 21 in America can prove frustrating and restricting and for someone who has been able to drink since the age of 18 in the UK, this restriction can prove a little difficult. 743 more words


Friday night at River Cottage HQ

If there was ever an example of terrible timing, we were victim of it this weekend….

Back in October while trying to tick some Christmas presents off the list, we decided with my Brother and Sister-in-law (Mr and Mrs R-G) to go away for a night or weekend together and enjoy some good food rather than swapping gifts. 1,129 more words


Foodservice at a Glance

Food-service is worth in excess of £190bn and is primarily split into two sections- this is commonly known as the ‘Iin Home Market’ and ‘Out of Home Market’. 318 more words


[CNIE-L] Invitation to CIDER session ­- 1 April 2015 | Invitation à un atelier de « CIDER » - le 1er avril 2015

From Thursday’s inbox…

Dear CNIE Member,

We invite you to the April CIDER session of our special ten-part Community of Inquiry Webinar Series. This free, online session will feature D.

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Recommended Ciders: Brickworks & Okanagan Pear

A lot of the times I prefer cider to beer because I find them more drinkable with meals. Like beers, I’ve been looking to try more Canadian-made craft beers rather than the mass-produced kinds. 169 more words