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by Olivia

Like Chinese Whispers, ideas that pass through different hands undergo a metamorphosis; their stories morph through the artistic prisms of different media, of different minds. 764 more words


Russian Military Bases in Cyprus. Denied by Cypriot officials// Bases Militaires Russes déployées à Chypre: Le gouvernement chypriote a nié une telle probabilité

During the last two-three days an information was making the round on internet that Russia is getting military bases in Cyprus. Cyprus wanted always to have good relations with both Russia and Europe. 1,226 more words

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Acca Kappa's Giardino Segreto (2013)

I rarely find modern perfumes for men interesting, particularly of designer brands. Chanel Bleu, Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme, Paco Robanne’s Invictus are all big yawners for me. 395 more words

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Inspiring Perfumes Series Pt. 8 – Guerlain's Mitsouko (1919)

Pt. VIII. Synthetic Notes in Perfumery – Guerlain’s Mitsouko

A fish that was thought to have gone extinct 66 millions years ago was discovered in 1938 on a local fishing trawler. 692 more words

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Inspiring Perfumes Series Pt. 5: Creed's Aventus (2010)

Pt. V. What Does a Perfume Mean to Men and Women? – Creed’s Aventus

After spending three years reading posts on various Facebook fragrance groups and perfume review sites on an almost daily basis, I have noticed a huge difference between non-editorial posts made by men and women. 661 more words

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Inspiring Perfumes Series Pt. 4: Le Labo's Iris 39 (2006)

Pt. IV. Perfume and Gender – Le Labo’s Iris 39

Spring, 2013

Dear Le Labo,

I have a question about your fragrances. Are they all unisex? 624 more words

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Winter Chic - Review: 4160 Tuesdays Doe in the Snow

By Tara

4160 Tuesdays is the quirky independent perfume house of Sarah McCartney, who makes all the fragrances by hand at her studio in west London. 492 more words