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Saint Sulpice Church (Paris, France)

Featured in Dan Brown’s best selling novel, The Da Vinci Code, Saint Sulpice Church saw it’s popularity rise as the book gained a cult following. However, Ron Howard (director of the movie version of The Da Vinci Code) was denied permission to film inside so when visited during the movie it isn’t the actual church. 138 more words

Travel Photography

Longtime Mystery Solved

We visited a small festival in Wilkes-Barre that seemed to be a waste of our time. It was a dreary day besides. But we made the best of a boring situation. 246 more words


New Church Gates

When we were in Herefordshire earlier in the year, we visited lots of churches and castles, but one capture I was really pleased to get was a carpenter at work, replacing the church gates, for my occupation category.

Herefordshire 2015


My Calming Angel

My idea of posting more posts about our holiday on the Outer Hebrides from last year, has sort of faded away, not for the lacking of wanting too, just the lack of time.   134 more words


Window to a Dead Grenadier

Of the many memorials to casualties of the First World War, stained glass in St Andrew and St Mary, Stoke Rochford, near Grantham, Lincolnshire is particularly interesting. 749 more words

Churchyard Spring

Just a few glimpses of spring from some different churchyards in Suffolk.  I think my favourite is the cherry blossom against the stone of the church wall :)

May 2015