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New AIMers

The new AIMers have finally arrived!  We’ve been planning and waiting for this team to join us since Christmas, and now they’re here.  There’s six of them, three guys and three girls.   259 more words


“Church of Christer”

In Isaiah 56:5 and in 62:2, Isaiah prophesied about a new name God would give His people after the church was established. We see in Acts 11:26 that the disciples of Christ were first called Christians in Antioch. 405 more words

Church Doctrine

Does God Exist

This video is 8 hours long because it is a debate set over a number of sessions. It is worthy of your time to view this in order that you may know how to prove that God exists.


One Year Cookout

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015, we completed one full year since moving to Santa Rosa, Honduras.  That was a really cool moment for us, because it was a huge milestone in our time here.  294 more words


Assembling Together For the Better


Shelby G. Floyd

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The Lord’s Supper is a very important part of Christian worship, but teaching regarding it has been generally neglected. 583 more words


The Abrahamic religions attract child molesters.

The abrahamic religions are magnets and breeding ground for child molesters. Of course there have been child molesters in every culture for as long as humans became “civilized’ but it’s only in the Abrahamics where the most hideous crime against humanity is protected and cultivated. 217 more words