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Travel Log: Colorado Springs, CO to Roseville, CA (04/17/15)

The travel from Colorado Springs, CO to Roseville, CA was a long one. Its unfortunate that I did not get much pictures out of it. 3,142 more words

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Church of Christ Baptisms

O, the doctrinal conflation.

O, the damnation fixation.

Submerge him twice,

Submerge him thrice…

Baptismal regeneration. 10 more words


The One Church


Shelby G. Floyd

Jesus Promised to Build One Church. Contrary to the popular notion that one may join the church of his choice, the Bible teaches that there is just one church. 763 more words

Church Of Christ

This Apostolate

Over the last seven or eight years, I estimate that two hundred or so people have contacted me to let me know that they have stepped from the Protestant Church of Christ to the Catholic Church of Christ, and they often communicate that this website and… 157 more words

Church Of Christ

Church of Christ Chapel Dedication: Roseville, CA (04/18/2015)

Today was a long and exciting day down in Roseville, CA. I remember waking up around 2:00 A.M to get ready to go to the chapel. 2,588 more words

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A Quest for a Church

In my last post, I wrote about wanting to be on fire again, to feel that passion about going to church that I felt as a teen. 1,633 more words


iPrayed 4 U Now On Apple Watch!

There have been many “key” moments in the development of the iPhone and iOS in general. The first came on July 10, 2008, when iOS (then just called iPhone OS) 2.0 was released. 657 more words

Church Of Christ