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We Must Fear God

John Calvin, from his commentary on Daniel (Daniel 6:22 specifically):

“Fear God, honor the king.” (1 Peter 2:17.)
The two commands are connected together, and cannot be separated from one another.

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The Cure of Evil Speaking

Evil Speaking by John Wesley sermon 49, (text from the 1872 edition – Thomas Jackson, editor).

Father, how wide thy glories shine,
Lord of the universe– and mine! 4,468 more words

Bible Comments

Ben and George: The Friendship that Invented America

It’s a delightful alchemy that takes geography and the events of historical context, and then blends in the like-mindedness and the variations of two distinct personalities.  920 more words

Book Review

Genius of America

In the wake of the SCOTUS ruling last week (June 26, 2015), in Obergefell v. Hodges, et. al.  I have been wrestling with how to respond in the midst of sadness and frustration.  1,165 more words


William Ames (1576-1633)

A leading English Puritan theologian instrumental in the denunciation of the Remonstrant beliefs at the Synod of Dort. A student of William Perkins at Cambridge, Ames applied the logic and philosophy of Peter Ramus to theology, viewing its primary task as classification and its goal as uncovering the mind of God.

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Church History

Warnings to an Ungodly Nation


From John Flavel (1628 – 1691)

As Paul had many clear premonitions and fore-notices of the sufferings that should befall him at Jerusalem, that he might not be surprised by them when they came, so it is usual with God (though not in such an immediate and extraordinary a manner) to admonish the world, and especially His own people of great trials and sufferings before hand (Amos 3:7). 2,258 more words


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There is so much to consider in this post published on the day after the Supreme Court ruling that states must allow same-sex marriage. May we be in prayer and found faithful in our times!