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Repent and turn to God, America

On this Independence Day, we must pray for America, that she will repent of her crimes, turn back to God and recognize the Catholic Church as the true religion and Christ as King.   590 more words

Church And State

"Among the Christian Savages"

The Barna Group is a long-tenured research organization that tracks “spiritual indicators” and the role of faith within American culture. Barna maintains massive databases on everything from Americans’ TV-viewing habits to weekly church attendance, and its data is used extensively. 636 more words


Recently Revised Instructions for Those Applying For Marriage Licenses in the States of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi……

Due to a recent Supreme Court Decision (not upheld by God though), in order to allow full religious liberty for all, we have had to revise our requirements and procedures for the obtainment of marriage licenses. 612 more words


How About another Blog on Gay Marriage?

By Bob Hiller

You know what we need? Another blog about gay marriage! Well, good news, dear reader, I have one for you here. You are, indeed, welcome. 1,172 more words

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Well that didn't take long...

Sure enough, within days of the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, I saw a headline calling for all churches that  refuse to perform gay weddings to lose their tax exempt status. 493 more words

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Some Things Are Better Left Alone

There is an ancient story from the Cherokee Nation that was used to illustrate the danger of getting too close to something dangerous. I first heard it as a child, though variations of the tale are found in most all of the world’s tribal societies. 634 more words

Church And State

The Supreme Court Ruling: Love Wins! Plus Fanaticism

Hi Everyone!

We apologize for the delay in getting you your weekly blog post. A change in plans concerning the topic took place. Well, this week’s topic was actually supposed to be on the No True Scottsman Fallacy, but we’ve been preempted. 6,128 more words