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Historical Snapshot: The Humbling of an Emperor

The above painting depicts a late 4th century event in which Theodosius I, emperor of the Roman empire and most powerful man on earth, repented publicly of his sins before Ambrose, bishop of Milan. 841 more words

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You can't seperate church and state

You can’t separate church and state.


Why? Because everybody worships something.

Worship is all consuming, mind, heart and body.

Everybody worships SOMETHING. Therefore… 84 more words

Indiana School District Openly & Illegally Promotes Christianity

 (originally published at peacock-panache.com)

The Eastern Howard School Corporation in Indiana has a major legal problem – one they’ve finally admitted to local press in a lengthy interview coming clean about their egregious violations of the law. 1,088 more words

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Resistance and Disobeying the Law

When Disobeying the Law is the Righteous Thing to Do

by Gary DeMar

“In 1660 John Bunyan disobeyed the law of England by preaching without a license. 1,690 more words


A fascinating speech on religious left politics

Here is a selection of quotes from a speech given by a somewhat famous public speaker. I think it would be fun to get through all the quotes before seeing who said them. 1,089 more words

Church And State

AFA Creates 'Bigotry Map' Showing Atheist Groups. Atheists Say Thank You.

On Tuesday, the American Family Association, known for its right-wing stances on abortion, LGBT rights, and non-Christians, published a map of the US focused on calling out over 200 organizations they deem to be showing a deep intolerance for Christians through each group’s actions.  440 more words

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