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Tiny GA Town Laughs in the Face of Separation of Church & State | State Policy Today

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, y’all. Legislatures are closing up and I feel like I’m scrambling to keep up with all the kooky shit that lawmakers are pushing through under the wire. 737 more words

Help! Conservatives are Making Me Liberal

By Graham Glover

In 1992, 4 months before I could legally vote, I proudly registered as a Republican. Although the child of Democratic parents, I became a conservative in high school and eagerly looked forward to casting my first ballot that November. 831 more words


Hobby Lobby's Long Shadow

Last year Justice Ginsburg warned that the Supreme Court had “ventured into a minefield” with its expansive reading of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Burwell v.Hobby Lobby. 514 more words

Kidd & Hankins, "Baptists in America"

This May, Oxford University Press will release “Baptists in America” by Thomas S. Kidd (Baylor University) and Barry Hankins (Baylor University).  The publisher’s description follows: 283 more words

Scholarship Roundup

The Bible is Officially Not the State Book of Tennessee

Last Wednesday, lawmakers in the Tennessee House of Representatives voted to make the Bible the state’s official book. Republican Representative Jerry Sexton sponsored the bill. … 374 more words

Goodbye America!

By Joel Hess

Alas, we have parted ways. So goodbye, though I will never stop loving you and wanting you to be with me. I will pray for you. 892 more words

A Voice In The Wasteland