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Of God and Country

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. My great-grandmother always called it Decoration Day–a day to visit the graves of deceased family and place flowers. 362 more words


Éirinn go Brách!!!

As you all have probably heard by now, voters in the Republic of Ireland have voted heavily in favor of marriage equality.


Reports are that the turnout was very high by recent standards, especially among the young; and Irish citizens resident abroad returned home in significant numbers to vote (international mail ballots were not allowed). 195 more words


Bardill, "Constantine, Divine Emperor of the Christian Golden Age"

Next month, Cambridge releases Constantine, Divine Emperor of the Christian Golden Age, by Jonathan Bardill (Oxford). The publisher’s description follows:

Constantine, Divine Emperor of the Christian Golden Age… 120 more words

Scholarship Roundup

Church, State And Prayer Breakfasts

I say government sucks up to the faith community all the time.  There’s an invocation at every official government function I’ve ever attended. If your deity of choice is already supervising City Council or Congress or the current war, why does he or she also get breakfast?

Source: Daily Kos

Church & State

Christianity is on the decline in the US. Many studies are showing this now. But...don't fret...

We are a Changing nation. Many studies have attested to the same results..as a Republic, and a nation whose founding principles were based on NO church state relationship, one would wonder why some can’t accept that the USA is a ‘nation of immigrants’ and of multiple faiths..there is no WAR on Christianity (Still be far the largest religion in the US),but, we’ll see all kinds of ‘fear’ mongering, race and faith related reactions… its natural.. 83 more words