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The story of Jesus being baptised in water goes like this. The whole of Matthew chapter three. 1,368 more words

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Why Is Easter Important?

Easter is the most important Christian holiday of the year. It celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, three days after He was executed by crucifixion. 835 more words


Which Way Do I Go, Lord ?

Which Way Do I Go , Lord ?

Work. It is a necessity. It is what it is that we are raised to want, to desire, and to excel at. 966 more words



“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.” That’s the inescapable reality for  today’s churches. 2015 is  dramatically different from the eras in which most of our churches grew up and thrived. 1,015 more words


Follow the ALF Lighting Crew!

Yeah so as you know, I’m the head of the Abundant Life Fellowship Lighting Crew. As head of such a ministry, I’ve pushed us to be on social media and have even established a site for them. 189 more words


Why Do We Pray?

I have always considered myself to be a prayerful person. Even if it was the prayer of, “Oh Lord, don’t let that cop give me a speeding ticket..just let it be a warning!!” (Don’t even try to judge, you know you’ve done it too!) But, really, growing up, I guess I was never really taught to pray other than the, “God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for this food.” My cousins and I had it memorized. 486 more words


Practical Holy Week: Telling Your Kids the Story

Starting this Sunday, the church across the world will begin a celebration of Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.  1,233 more words

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