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Prophets and Pioneers

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published HERE at the Catholic Volunteer Network blog under the title “Ashes to go.”

I live, work, and pray among prophets. 704 more words



Today I have another treat for you! My friend from church, Barbara Agnew, recently retired as the elections administrator in our county. She gave this speech at her retirement party at work. 773 more words


Fieldnotes: On Receiving the Critic, Part II

Yesterday I told the story of an exchange I had with a guy (we’ll call him Stan) after church a few Sundays back. Stan was none too thrilled about the content of my message, informing me that “as the Pastor” it was my job to “preach the Gospel” every Sunday, and not “this esoteric nonsense.” 1,042 more words


FREE CMConnect Ministry Conference Registrations

You read that right – FREE!

I am excited to share that CMConnect Ministry conference in Louisville, KY has allowed ReFocus Ministry to give away up to 10 FREE conference registrations!  260 more words


Post Tribulation Rapture Answered

Bible believing Christians know that the Rapture is portrayed in the Bible as being before the Tribulation. This position is called the Pre-trib Rapture. Pre meaning before, and the entire phrase meaning “We believe the Bible teaches that we go in the Rapture before the Tribulation comes.” 2,414 more words


Repentance's Tears!

  As repentance’s tears Flow, a humble man cries out! As repentance’s tears Flow, a man beaten down cries out! As repentance’s tears Flow, a broken spirit… 45 more words

Internet False Prophet

Over the last year or so I have been receiving regular emails from adjuncts of thewarningsecondcoming.com, the front for the self-styled seer, Maria Divine Mercy. 1,687 more words