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Coca Leaf & Chikungunya - Is All The Suffering Really Necessary?

The mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus has been spreading rapidly throughout the tropics and today is present virtually everywhere from 20˚ North to 20˚ South of the Equator, and in many places well North and South of the Equatorial Zone as well. 887 more words

The Fourteenth Year

This month marks 14 years since this never ending migraine and pain entered my life. It was in my life for years before, but it was never a constant companion. 927 more words

Angels Wings...

It’s just the pen and I,
And the words that flow,
There is no holding back,
So here I go.

It’s the pain and isolation, 98 more words


Lyme Disease Does Not Trigger Fibromyalgia

A long-term study found that Lyme disease is not a trigger for fibromyalgia as was once thought.

In fact, Lyme patients were no more likely to develop fibro than the general population. 273 more words

Chronic Pain

It Is What It Is

I know this statement meets with mixed reviews.  Some will say it’s a cop out- a way to be rude without being rude.  Some will say it’s giving up.   371 more words


65, IBM Inclusion Body Myositis and PAIN.

NHS Tomorrow for Pain management a waste of time for me and them – Neuro doc sent this to the doc i see tomorrow . Inclusion Body Myositis its clear that the pain is MORE effecting the joints now and muscles i have more evident forearm Scalloping its easy to overcome long finger flexors, reanalysed biopsy showed COX Muscle fiber deficencey plus other supporting evidence thats been gathered  Its IBM i have pitting and sacral oedema to be checked for left ventricular but thinks this is due to my asthma and check for incipent right heart failure and no point it giving any other immunosuppression meds.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Most people with plantar fasciitis experience pain when taking their first steps after being still for a long time, such as first thing in the morning, or after sitting for extended periods. 57 more words

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