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Light Forgotten

Living in the dark or with a blindfold on, you get used to your surroundings in time. You get used to the way things feel. Your water bottle is always in its place, and you know where to reach your hand to find it. 333 more words

Chronic Illness

Don't Mess With my Trileptal

One ticket for the crazy train please?

So at my last phone consult with a PA at Dr. J’s office, it was decided that A) I was officially ready to move from their IV antibiotic program to their oral one (yay!), and B) that we would try to start tapering down on my anti-seizure med Trileptal. 862 more words

Lyme Disease

The Attitude of Healing

            Within every person there are powerful inner resources, which are essential to healing. Unfortunately, these resources are useless unless they are openly received. If a person is only focused on their thoughts, they ignore their inner resources. 389 more words


Recall of Toradol Pain Medication

There is currently a voluntary recall of the pain medication I have grown to rely on – Toradol (ketorolac tromethamine) – when I go to the emergency room to get a bit of relief when I can no longer bear a pain flare up. 448 more words


Unexpected Lessons

Sometimes the lesson is that where I am, is just where I need to be. I don’t need to work hard/harder to be happier, healthier, better, more positive, more grateful… Fill in the box for yourself. 862 more words

Chronic Illness

Is there a more thankful word than gratitude?

Dearest family, friends, friends of family, friends of friends, and kind strangers. I cannot begin to describe to you how immensely grateful and overwhelmed (in a positive way) I feel right now. 458 more words

Chronic Illness

Beautiful beach

Yesterday my father visited and took me and my dog down to the local beach. It was a beautiful day; the beach seemed more picturesque than normal, the air was mild, albeit with a brisk chilly wind to remind us that spring was not quite here yet, and the sky was torquoise. 39 more words