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My Daily Battle

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I’ve been in quite the Battle the past few weeks.  My pain levels have limited my ability to complete most tasks that I do in my Daily Life.  391 more words

Selective exposure and when helping isn't really helping

This is an issue I’ve wanted to write about for a while now, but due to circumstances on my end I’ve been unable to either find the time to do it, been in no headspace to write about it or haven’t physically been capable of doing it. 1,528 more words

I Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - My story

I got very sick in Sydney November 2013, before I got sick I was always go go go, training usually twice per day, working at the gym and studying at college full time. 1,738 more words


Staying Power

Staying Power : the ability to maintain an activity or commitment despite fatigue or difficulty

I have been struggling a lot lately. We have been having hard time finding relief, and any type of solutions. 104 more words


Glass fusing!

Been at it on and off all fay and I’m getting my lift back little by little. My nan is managing to organise care so I don’t feel like I’m chasing my own tail. 81 more words

Tales of a reluctant washer woman

So…. I have recently traded my headset and computer for an after hours janitorial job. Every night I clean a pediatric clinic occupying the third floor of a building about 40 blocks from where I live. 381 more words

Surviving MTHFR

Part 1: Diet overhaul in the fight against ME/CFS

Once diagnosed with ME/CFS the first thing I looked into was what changes I could make to my diet! I was already dairy free as I’m intolerant to dairy. 640 more words