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If change feels like fear, what does acceptance feel like?

It should feel like peace shouldn’t it?

Accepting the situation I’m in, should feel good, relaxing and calming.  But it feels like sadness.

Reading the Existentialists philosophy of which I have hardly read any more than this quote below tells me that no matter what you do you will experience regrets either way and that labouring over a choice is probably a waste of time.  195 more words

A Quick Update

So, guys it’s been a while.

I’ve been trying to get ahead of my health and social care coursework so that when my exams come I have extra time to revise so I’ve been very busy. 117 more words


Welcome to "The Future of Fibromyalgia" (Facebook Page) Blog!

Hello everyone!  This Blog is a supplement to the Facebook Page, “The Future of Fibromyalgia” …  providing current research into natural treatments for people who struggle with Fibromyalgia (FMS) / Chronic Fatigue (CFS) Syndrome.   176 more words

#Barbara's Story

Modern Baker and the merits of Sourdough and Soda bread

I must share a place I frequent at least twice if not three times a week either to stock up on provisions or to pop in for a delicious Almond Milk and Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate. 331 more words

Anti Candida Diet

Yesterday I got angry...

…and it felt good.  From the start of this illness, I’ve been mostly compliant, waiting for it to go whilst I go about my usual life. 517 more words

Problems With The Reader....Please Read and Reblog

I know I am not the only one having problems with the reader not showing all the posts from blogs that I follow.

I know this because I see people discussing it around and about. 285 more words

General Chaos

The changes

You know are always aware of our bodies and the changes. Today I saw my rheumy…and we finally decided that I have yet another friend – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 258 more words

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