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copper bracelet for pain

Wearing copper bracelet can reduce joint stiffness, inflammation and pain. Copper jewellery said to have following health benefits:

  • Overcomes Fatigue
  • Raises Energy Levels
  • Improves Communication…
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How It Began... Part I

Type A Personality: ‘A temperament characterized by excessive ambition, aggressioncompetitivenessdrive, impatience, need for control, focus on quantity over quality… 1,363 more words

You are not under any orders...

On Friday I ingested 2.5 grams of vitamin D in one hit and today I had over a ml of vitamin B12 injected into my arm.   408 more words

This Is How I Was Made

Repeat after me, “This is how I was made”.

The word “cosmetics” is said to have a few origins but most believe it came from the Greek word “kosmos”, … 1,501 more words


Connecting the Dots on Sleep

The 4th of July weekend has been a particularly tiring one for me.  I felt so heavy all 3 days that I didn’t have the energy to do anything.   661 more words

Gluten Free

The New Voyage

I began this blog as an outlet to share my discoveries as I made my way through a combination of universities, jobs, internships and travels to ultimately land my dream job in the fashion world. 89 more words

No news is good news?

of course this isn’t entirely the case, I’ve been far too tired to write anything for a while. Given how utterly draining the past few weeks have been this isn’t really surprising though! 194 more words