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God First....Family/Friends Second!

This week has been a memorable week for many reasons! I think one of the first things I will say I have learned is how much I value “treat others how you want to be treated.” I naively expected people to treat others that way….but I learned this week (probably before but this week it stood out) that people don’t treat people how I would like to be treated. 467 more words

My Daily Randomness


At 6am this morning, after lying awake in pain all night, I decided enough was enough and went out for a walk. It’s strange how walking really bloody hurts, but it’s still preferable to just lying there in agony with your whole lower body jerking constantly to some invisible stimulus. 240 more words


I have time...

I’ve got a piece bubbling away about in my mind about time, particularly having watched the Anzac march this morning, but it’s not ready to share yet. 477 more words


Maca is a root that belongs to the radish family.I have recently bought it in powder form from y local health shop , shown here.The plant is grown in the mountains of Peru and has been called ‘Peruvian Ginseng”.From information I have gathered for this post , there are no known serious side affects, however when first introducing this superfood into your diet, it is best to introduce small amounts and not to ever take large amounts.half a spoon could be a good starting point , slowly building up to a tablespoon a day. 291 more words


'I've got that joy?'

What brings you  joy?

How about, the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster? Or maybe, the moment you’re reunited with someone you’ve sorely missed? The serotonin released upon physical contact with a loved one? 768 more words

Moving out!

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a bit quiet and inconsistent around here. As I mentioned in my previous post, taking stock, I have been doing a blogging course and it has inspired me to move Slices of Cherry Pie to its very own site over at… 145 more words


A New Attitude!

Finally, a new attitude! I saw a new doctor Friday. She looked over my records and informed me that all of the things that others have tried are not working so we won’t be trying more of the same. 276 more words