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I feel better then i have for while now. Its hopeful and encouraging, Knowing that in time with hard work. i can be better and learn how to get better. 24 more words


The memories are killing me

my mind has been filled chalk full of the happy memories of my relationship with my ex fiance. and I can’t seem to get my mind,off of them. 78 more words


Happy Birthday to a Sad Man

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

You might want to wish him a Happy Birthday!

It’s not clear if he had any happy birthdays when he was alive. 446 more words

Abraham Lincoln

How Disney Saved Me Through My First Bought Of Depression

Anxious 24/7 and feeling nothing but numbness from the depression(Age 11).  I sought out the only thing in my childhood that could always bring me happiness and joy, Disney movies. 311 more words


Lucked out in the Lottery of DNA

Two people fall in love.  Both carring in thier DNA and a family history of mental illness.  I’m my mother’s side, anxiety.  My father though carries in his double helix depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and much more that was probably never discovered.  386 more words



I’ve mentioned a couple times that I’ve gained weight over the last year, particularly the last six months or so.  It’s not slowing down.  If anything, it’s accelerating.  228 more words

Mental Illness