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"I'm good. You?"

The standard greeting that we present to each other usually consists of a passive and insincere variation of “Hey. How are you?” Our reflexive answer is always always one form or another of “fine.” They don’t really want to know and we know that. 860 more words

mild chronic depression

No matter how much I try to acknowledge and then make attempts to find solutions for the down sides of life, I am not feeling joyful. 240 more words


The Crystalline Despair that Is Depression

Despite Robin Williams’ death, depression still isn’t sexy enough for the American public to talk about. Well, I’m going to talk about it.

I suffer from chronic depression and its evil twin, anxiety. 1,710 more words


G is for Grunt

Yes, something I have been doing a lot of lately.

The lingering shower remodel has had me grunting to get up off the floor, grunting while moving concrete backer board and boxes of tile up a flight of stairs — oh, another G-word — Gorilla Gripper….the perfect tool for a single person carrying sheet rock. 159 more words

2015 A-Z Blog Challenge

Mood disorders: A brief look

Mood disorders are characterised by disturbances in emotion and mood. In most cases, the mood disturbances are negative. However, there are dangerously positive mood disturbances, also called manic states. 166 more words



not,only has training been causing panic,attacks daily. I have to start it all over again starting next week :(((( help in earth round two maybe it will be better who knows. fuck anxiety


I'm tired of having a hard time accepting my illness. What do you do to control yours.

Depression….  I’m having a hard time accepting my illness… You would think by now I would not be struggling like I am but I am struggling…  Does this ever END!? 1,037 more words

Bipolar Depression