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The Children of Húrin

This is the most recent work of Christopher Tolkien which relates to Middle Earth (all his other workings of his father’s works are other tales). And in fact, this story has been told in two other books already. 536 more words

JRR Tolkien

#TolkienCollection Shares from June 19, 2015

It’s so exciting that people are using the #TolkienCollection hashtag on social media to share photos of items from their Tolkien collections. We don’t want you to miss any of these awesome photos, so we’ll be collecting them in a daily post! 312 more words


The Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award

I am so confused right now… Like is this for girls? or guys? or…? Nevertheless, I’d like to thank Joey @ Another Afterthought for the nomination in this… brotherhood? 1,013 more words


I: The Book of Lost Tales part 1, II: THE MUSIC OF THE AINUR (post 2/2)

This passage is basically the first part of the creation myth that Tolkien designed for the world he wrote about. It tells about how Ilúvatar sang the Ainur into being and how the world and elements became real. 746 more words

The Book Of Lost Tales

I: The Book of Lost Tales part 1, I: THE COTTAGE OF LOST PLAY

“The Cottage of Lost Play” is the first chapter in The Book of Lost Tales part 1. It forms a framework narrative in which the other tales of the two books are told. 551 more words

The Book Of Lost Tales

The Book of Lost Tales (pt 1 & 2)

The Book of Lost Tales is the first two books of the 12 volume collection of The History of Middle Earth. This is a compilation of material written by J.R.R. 327 more words

The Book Of Lost Tales