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The Job In Our Life

Suffering is prevalent in our society today. Everywhere you look, someone is experiencing pain that is brought on by the sin of the world. Loss of wealth, health, or life all cause a grief that can shadow over the light that comes from the good that the Lord bestows on us. 413 more words


Ode To My Scrap Metal Man

Vern is my “go to” guy when I need scrap metal picked up.

Vern  is one of the people in my life I may only  talk to once or twice a year.   579 more words


Oh! Oh! What a Journey

 Oh! Oh! What a journey
The Saviour on my heart lay
Lifted me from deepest depths
Shown me a brand new day

Took me from the darkest path… 383 more words


If you want to understand the gospel, ask a four year old

Driving on the highway after school, the chitter-chatter turned to discussion about annual vaccinations. I was asked by my eldest why we have to have them to which I replied, “because you could get sick and die.” 52 more words


WATCH: Did We Miss the Book of Revelation's Fifth Trumpet?

Are we really that oblivious? “Let me give one astounding illustration,” says author and Pastor Carl Gallups. ” … Everything I’m going to say is documented profusely with credible (documentation). 101 more words


What is your biggest fear?

As soon as you read that question something immediately dropkicked your brain. Just the thought of it is enough make the hair on your neck stand up and your body shiver like a gust of rugged wind on a January night. 371 more words