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The Immensity Of Our Savior's Love by Debbie Harris

The love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has for

us never stops, gets weary, changes,or runs dry.

May we all stop, think, and really internalize and never… 9 more words

Synergy ~

Jesus, I want with You,
a bond that is active
I want it to be alive
effectual and effective.

I want it to be energetic, 123 more words

Christian Poetry

Outskirts of Heaven

Sunlight dances through spring green leaves,
See the branches breathing, the air hums with life,
Even the sand beneath His very feet,
Whisper Hosanna as they open their paths, 196 more words

Faith Life

The Best Love Story ~

A love story not written,
with ink from a pen
but dripping with blood
to release all from sin.

The scarlet thread of love,
woven throughout history… 108 more words

Christian Poetry


You have the means to carry out
The task I have for you
If only you would trust in Me
My vision would come true… 72 more words


More RED Between the Lines

“Solomon, Saint Valentine, & the Coming of Christ”. The as yet started (as in actual lines of poetry) sonnet, referred to henceforth as “The Sonnet”. I told you I would let you into the process of this poem, so here’s more process. 271 more words

Christian Poetry