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Best Thing I've seen So Far on the Issue

Since the Supreme Court decision last week, I have seen and heard a lot of good stuff helping to sort out the issues.
But this is perhaps the best thing… 112 more words

Thinking Christianly

Children´s Crusade

The Children’s Crusade is one of the more unusual events in Medieval England. The Children’s Crusade took place after the Fourth Crusade in 1212. The traditional narrative is probably conflated from some factual and mythical notions of the period including visions by a French or German boy, an intention to peacefully convert Muslims in the Holy land to Christianity, bands of children marching to Italy, and children being sold into slavery.

History Of Children

It Happened Today- First Gideons' Meeting| Christian History Institute

Here is an excerpt:


The founders of the Gideons had reason to believe God was guiding their steps.

John Nicholson, a traveling salesman, arrived at a crowded hotel in Janesville, Wisconsin one September evening in 1898. 114 more words

The Exchange

Some Progressives Will Be Coming Back

This morning, I read a very interesting post by Kevin DeYoung. I would encourage anyone at all interested in the church’s response to the recent SCOTUS decision to… 442 more words

Thinking Christianly

Sacred Sunday: 11th-13th Century Romanesque Christian Stone Carvings

Romanesque art and architecture flourished throughout western Europe from about 1050 to about 1200, although its first manifestations occurred before the year 1000, and its influence remained strong in some areas of Europe well into the 13th century. 1,393 more words

The Factitious Guilt of Eve

That which has been is that which shall be
and the thing that has been done is that which shall be done
and there is no new thing under the sun.  
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Biblical Equality

The Great Controversy

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I picked up a 1950 edition of Ellen G. White’s The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan 533 more words