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How to Follow God

How do you know that God is real? That is probably the number one question when it comes to God. Do you remember when you were little and you would play make believe or have an imaginary friend? 837 more words



Forgiving someone is a hard ting to do. It’s no secret that many people we love have hurt us in the past, or we have even hurt someone. 391 more words


My Ideas, His Plan

When I started this blog, I had some grandiose ideas of what it would look like. I daydreamed of hundreds of people from all over the world coming to see what I had written and being encouraged by the spiritual wisdom and insight I would have to share. 304 more words

She Laughs at the Days to Come

I know I am always saying this is my favourite bible verse, or that is my favourite bible verse. But this truly is one of my favourites. 238 more words

Christian Girl

School Talk ALREADY?

This week was the start of this thing called Schedule Fest at my school. What this entitles is putting in requests for what classes you want to take next year. 382 more words

Hope Abounds

Today thousands of people are putting a red x on there hands to raise awareness for human trafficking. if you don’t know what human trafficking is human trafficking is modern day slavery where human beings are sold for sex and labour. 624 more words

Christian Girl

7 Truths of A Basic Christian Girl

I wouldn’t consider myself what people would call a “Basic White Girl” and honestly I find the phrase a little offensive. But for the purpose of this blog post I’m going to use the phrase but replace the “White” with “Christian”. 508 more words

7 Truths Of A Basic Christian Girl