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Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast #26 – 5/21/15

Being 7 wins away from the title feels so… right

– How the rest of the series might play out
– Voicemail from Damen Camen… 23 more words


Bifurcation Theory | Chris

In dynamical systems, a bifurcation occurs when a small change made to the parameter values of a system causes a sudden qualitative or topological change in its behaviour. 74 more words

F. Chris Garcia’s Contribution to the Community

Contributing to the community is a matter of working hard for others. One great example is a man who has worked with the City of Albuquerque on multiple projects, including the City’s Charter Revision Taskforce, which was concerned with reorienting the goals of the city to better reflect its residents. 210 more words

F. Chris Garcia