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Well Chris Christie has finally made official what many of us had known, or had long suspected, was coming.  And that would be that he has now declared himself to be a candidate for president in 2016.  981 more words

Chris Christie

Candidate Evaluations: Chris Christie

Chris Christie has waded into the presidential race, so let’s evaluate him. I’ll be looking at Christie’s background, policy history, and explicit statements to determine whether or not he would make a good president. 1,413 more words


Nada Word Was Said

Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president and immediately insulted and degraded Mexican Americans, Mexican immigrants, Latinos and all Americans of good will and decency. But this is not about Donald Trump. 573 more words

Point Of View Columns

Will Chris Christie's Cowboys Fandom Cost Him A Chance At The Presidency?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie formally announced that he was running for president yesterday, and the general opinion is that, with his Northeastern cred, he can win over people in states that vote more moderately rather than to the left or right of the political spectrum. 433 more words


Chris Christie Announces He’s Running for President - Video and Text Links

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) announced on June 30, 2015 that he was running for President. His announcement took place long before his Twitter account declared the announcement, sent out at 3:20 pm CST: 208 more words

Cultural Analysis

Maine's Tea Party Governor Endorses Chris Christie

Maine Governor Paul LePage became the first sitting Republican governor to endorse a presidential candidate Wednesday morning when he boosted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at the waterside Becky’s Diner in downtown Portland. 510 more words