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Emmerdale: Ever wish you just didn't wake up, Jai? (Includes an EXCLUSIVE preview of Kerry's new story)

Well Jai Sharma is in a stickier situation than his toffee factory in a heatwave. Last seen taking a leap of faith down his staircase, Jai was brought out of his medically induced coma, on the advice of Dr Rishi last night and thrust straight into a whole lot of stressful matters that made his bumpy fall seem like a full body massage. 895 more words


Understanding Jane (2001)

     “Understanding Jane” is basically adequate as a talky lightweight Britcom, but becomes repellent and unconvincing when dealing with the romance between nice guy Elliot (Kevin McKidd) and vindictive, manipulating petty crook ‘Dallas’ AKA the Jane of the title (Amelia Curtis.) Attractive and pleasant McKidd and John Simm, as the friend give it their best shot and the girls (Curtis and Louisa Milwood-Haigh, as Curtis’ partner in crime and Simm’s love interest) follow suit, but nothing can endear this match made in hell to us. 464 more words