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Are you tired of dealing with negativity???

Well let me tell you I am! I never really understood the power that words can actually have on us until recently. When I traveled the world to my 7 power spots I learned so much!!! 341 more words

Making the Leap from Fear to Love

Fear. We all live with it to one degree or another. Look at any area of your life where you struggle and I’m sure if you dig deep enough you’ll find fear lurking at the very root of the issue. 319 more words


The Strength Of A Princess's Heart

All my life, I have been a romantic, and I am not ashamed of it.

It is patterned into my DNA, a string of hearts twined with the twisted thread of the Double-Helix. 728 more words

Being INFP (Idealist)

Like attracts like - when I feel happy then positive happy things come back to me

The simple law of attraction—the energy that I put out comes back to me—has never been so clear to me then when I am a wife and a mom. 658 more words

Being In The Moment

Fabulous Bitch

There is a lot to be said about letting go of the past. I have heard it since I started therapy at about 17yrs old. I’m 45yrs old and I am just now learning. 253 more words


I sent an apology just now.  A short and to the point owning my own mistake apology…. to a woman I can barely stand to look at.   114 more words

The Waterfall of Kindness

As I sit down to write this, I’m a little nervous, admittedly.

Am I going to get going on my soapbox and get too preachy for some? 1,182 more words