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5 Steps to Judging Thy Neighbour

“It’s their choice.”

Sometimes these words come as a choker chain pulling me into check, and I know there is nothing more to say. But I’ve heard the same words often used with misguided implications. 977 more words

You make your own happiness - don't wait around for others

Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.~Alice Walker



“When you can’t see his hand trust his heart”.  The line from that song from my last post kept going through my mind this morning.  It was like the word “trust” in neon lights.   361 more words

Christian Lifestyle


one look
a glance between choices
blue, red, green
a smile, more then friendly
seven seconds of attraction
split universe, possibilities

and then life moves on… 14 more words

Thinking Out Loud

5 Reasons to Scratch It

Why do I cook from scratch? The stores are full of wonderful ready-to-eat products, why make my own?

1) I have time
Cooking from scratch does take more time, though often not a lot more time. 236 more words

Frugal Living

chocolate or push ups?

Toward the end of a long day at the end of a long week, all I wanted was some chocolate. I wanted to relax, to let whatever “feel good” response in the brain chocolate elicits work its magic. 232 more words

Hello...long time no see.

Hello my friends and fellow bloggers,

I haven’t shared anything since my mournful Saturday post, just before Easter Sunday, for several reason which I would like to share here today. 410 more words