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Our brain works like shelves in our room. We start putting books on a shelf and suddenly we create a personal collection of books. We can go to the shelf and take a book at any time to consult an specific subject and then put it back.  45 more words


(Create a) good morning

The very first thing we say/hear in the day but often not consciousness of how it’s up to us to make this happen.

Be serious about your morning, the way you start it can change your day. 12 more words



With so many things to take care throughout the day, we often fail to keep all our commitments in mind. Just normal, it’s how our brain works and that’s exactly why we use reminders, either if it’s a paper list or an Outlook reminder. 113 more words


Most days I enjoy the sunlight. Sometimes when clouds congeal and engulf the light, I may get sad or anxious sometimes, until I remind myself that I also enjoy the rain!


Halos and HomeRuns

Just four months ago, I spent all morning in my Dallas audiologist’s tiny office. She examined my ears; spoke to me of what I was experiencing and then put me through a series of tests in a soundproof room. 2,389 more words

Hearing Loss

My Choice

I feel people sometimes miss the point of history. Do you ever get that feeling? When someone is saying something really self righteous and you look at them like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me right?’ (and no, work friends, I’m not aiming this at you! 369 more words