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How to Make Perfect Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Year round, my freezer is a treasure trove of sweet treats. Often, when friends come over, they walk right past me, head into the kitchen, and start foraging around until ahhhh yes they find what they’re looking for: chocolate chip cookies. 718 more words

It's A Churro Miracle!


The first of the month is always exciting because it often means new fro-yo flavors, especially at Menchie’s. Yogurtland’s promotions run for more than just one month, so their new flavors debut on random dates whereas Menchie’s debuts theirs on the first of each month. 982 more words

Self Sufficiency Tip #2 - Use What You Have (Bonus: a Recipe for Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Pancake Cookies)

Every seemingly unimportant day on our journey to self sufficiency presents new lessons and tips for me.

Today, that came in the form of pancake mix. 491 more words

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FOOD | Banana Chocochip Loaf

Happy hump day!

For my first baked recipe in this blog, I’ll share my banana-chocochip loaf. When I was in college and my siblings were too, my parents bought us an oven and one of the few things I baked back then was this banana-chocolate chip loaf. 188 more words


Last Minute Cupcakes

I had a busy Sunday, but this was a great recipe to turn to for some quick desserts. These cupcake are a bit dense but still full of yummy chocolatey-ness. 69 more words

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National Waffle Iron Day

A very wise friend made me aware of the fact that June 29th is National Waffle Iron day which of course means, we need to make some waffles for dinner or dessert! 176 more words

Cooking With Love

Nutella Cookies anyone!? :D

So, Varoun and I have been addicted to Nutella for a very long time now. However always eating Nutella from the jar becomes too messy and even though we love being messy at times – I decided to find a way to eat nutella without getting messy. 194 more words

Chocolate Chip Cookie