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You don't fatten the pig by weighing it

 Its exam season. Your pencils are sharpened. Your timetable is up. You long for the day to throw away the textbooks for the subjects you detest. 467 more words

Chivalry is Dead

A Gentleman, who
Can find? Society says:
“Chivalry is dead!”


Happy Birthday to Richard Wagner!

Today is the birthday one of the greatest poets to have walked this Earth! Wagner!

I salute you! Your music and words have lead me through many trials with the promise of Eternal Love! 14 more words

It's Friday Bitches!

wahey! It’s Friday and I’ve got that Friday feeling! Listening to house music at 8.20 in the morning… I could easily cut out work and start drinking now. 181 more words


Chivalry and Southern civilization

The code of conduct called chivalry developed during the same period as did the roots of the plantation civilization in the Mediterranean basin (which was quickly spread by Iberians and Italians to the islands of the Eastern Atlantic and later to Brazil, Barbados and Dixie). 116 more words


EVOLUTION OF DATING: Chivalry Is Alive And Well

An article circulated in my Facebook feed this morning as I was calmly drinking my coffee. The headline “Why Chivalry Is Dead From a Man’s Perspective… 813 more words