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EVAN OSNOS: Rise of the Red Prince - How Xi Jinping took control of China

New Yorker: In anticipation of New Year’s Eve, 2014, Xi Jinping, the President of China and the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, permitted a camera crew to come into his office and record a message to the people. 114 more words


The People’s Republic of China Denigrates the Conception of a Constitutionally, Limited Government by Invoking the Specter of the Mob Rule of Democracy

Democracy, as a political instrument or system, is only legitimate when employed for strictly, limited, constitutional functions. Democracy is not a legitimate political instrument where the largest number may vote away the rights of a minority. 1,552 more words

International Politics

China offers Sri Lanka olive branch -- and a veiled threat

Beijing (AFP) – President Xi Jinping worked to mend relations with Sri Lanka on Thursday as Chinese state-run media warned the island nation’s new government against shutting off billions in investments from Beijing. 670 more words

Singapore’s Late Leader Foresaw Hong Kong Strife

Lee said he wouldn’t go into politics in Hong Kong if he was a Hong Kong person because China had created an impossible situation… 592 more words

On Reincarnation

As everyone knows, the Chinese Communist Party is fully committed to reincarnating itself as the Qing dynasty, but with more aircraft carriers and a Communist Dalai Lama who tells choking city dwellers to be less materialistic. 129 more words


Chinese Communist Gov't Demands Dalai Lama Reincarnate

Yes, I know it’s a ridiculous headline. But it’s a ridiculous story.

The officially atheist Chinese government has, after the Dalai Lama said he might skip being reincarnated, accused the Tibetan religious leader of purposely falling down on the job ( … 170 more words


China’s economy: Caught in a vicious, stubborn cycle

Beijing in early March is supposed to be a cheery place. March is when the country’s rubber-stamp parliament, the National People’s Congress (NPC), holds its annual session. 737 more words