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17th Apr 2015
Week 9 Post-OP

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Nutrition: 8 triangles of French toasts, 1 bowl of pasta, 1 plate of cheese fries. 295 more words


Why We Have Chins

by University of Iowa

Look at a primate or a Neanderthal skull and compare it with a modern human’s. Notice anything missing?

We have one feature that primates, Neanderthals, archaic humans–any species, for that matter–don’t possess: a chin. 903 more words

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Here's Why You Have a Chin

Nature is nothing if not parsimonious, especially when it comes to the human body. There’s a reason we don’t have webbed feet or nut-cracking beaks like other species, and that’s because we don’t need them. 815 more words

Why do we have chins, anyway? Study cites evolutionary forces

TORONTO – We may pay attention to our fingers, our noses, our eyes, but how often have you thought about your chin?

We don’t typically pay attention to our chin (unless we’re trying to hold something with it), and we certainly don’t wonder why we even have one.   554 more words


Review: Veet Face Precision Wax and Care

Hi guys, a slightly different type of review today with a focus on hair removal, well all do it but never seem to talk about it. 426 more words


Adam's Fun Facts: Why Do Humans Have A Chin? Why Drink A Cup Of Syrup? What Is Alice's Last Name & More

Would you drink a cup of syrup or a cup of milk to get more calcium?  What is Alice’s last name? Why do we have a chin?  119 more words