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PACE: The Rapporteur on surrogacy has a not-so-secret agenda

While ordinary citizens are unlikely to have any interest in the legalization of surrogacy, there are two groups that are keenly pushing for this: one is the reproduction industry, which has turned surrogacy into a multi-billion business, and the other is the “LGBT lobby” who has come round to understand that, despite their recent successes in re-defining “marriage” and “family” as legal terms, they will never be able to change the laws of nature to make “same-sex parenthood” possible. 1,240 more words

LGBT Rights

Surrogacy: radical Feminists at war with radical Homos

This blog surely has no reputation for being on friendly terms with radical Feminist groups such as the European Women’s Lobby (EWL). Yet on rare occasions even they say something we can agree with. 593 more words

LGBT Rights

In 2013 a playwork project, the Playworkers Travelling Journal, was launched collecting stories of playworkers from all different parts of the sector.In 2014  I was asked to put this short minibook together as a reflection on my journey, and on… 350 more words


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My children will always be my children. I’ve spent the most part proving my innocence for something I never did. I have been tried and came out alive from this but truly the saying goes the kids suffer the most, Well, that is only partially true as we also suffer in some way. 335 more words

Childrens Rights