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Meet the trailblazer who paved the way for girls in Little League baseball back in the 1970s

Women’s History Month is wrapping up and baseball season is approaching–and Maria Pepe has a meaningful stake in both. Pepe vaulted to the front of a national debate about gender and sports in 1972, when the then 11-year-old from New Jersey was forced off her Little League team. 268 more words

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If I say there is a huge mistake flowing to the air, then I bet I am not lying! I know it’s never too late for us to correct it because it’s better late than never. 549 more words

Naomi Gloria


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"Dear Gay Community" - Child of lesbian parents speaks out.

I have already outlined my personal objection to gay marriage and parenthood in previous posts, which I won’t go into in full, but they are easy to find here if you are interested, but again, my views are always based on what nature decrees is best. 261 more words


Watching a nightmare unfold before our eyes.

In a superb column in today’s Daily Telegraph Charles Moore lays bare the callous and selfish motivation at play in our culture’s narcissism. Children are the victims and if the narcissism of our generation is not arrested the number of victims is going to increase exponentially. 364 more words

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UN Fact-finding Report: The Yazidis of Iraq


By René Wadlow

On Thursday, March 19, 2015, the United Nations (UN) investigative team on human rights violations in Iraq led by Ms. 453 more words

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When children lie and why they lie and why people who work with separated families should know that they lie and why

I cannot be the only one to feel immense relief on watching the news of Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement in the High Court this week, on the father who was supposedly a cult leader involved in importing babies to the UK in order to kill and eat them and dance around their skulls.   1,908 more words

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Yesterday, I spent what seemed like about an hour reading carefully the judgment about which Karen Woodall wrote during the past hour or so. I have been in touch about this case with Sabine McNeill for some time, trying to warn her about what was really going on. I had decided to blog about the case myself. But then thought that Karen would make a better job of that.  I was about to resume my search for Karen's email address, to send her a link to the judgment, when notification arrived that Karen had beaten me to it. So, I am reblogging Karen's post, and recommending to my readers reading Karen's post, and also (please!) the judgment. In view of the fact that this new political party: Restore The Family For Children's SakeFather-Child-Mother, which Andrew Bull and I have started, is looking for candidates for the general election and any council elections the same day, this breakthrough, judicial recognition at last of parental alienation, couldn't have come at a better time, from my point of view. However, if the child abusers in this case (the alienating mother and her boyfriend) hadn't been quite as stupid as they obviously were, when coaching the children to lie about their father, one wonders whether the innocent father would now be on bail, awaiting trial for child abuse himself. Feminnazi-sceptics will enjoy the humilation of the "expert" witness Dr Hodges, to be found in the judgment.