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Effets de style

This week I am back with an illustration that has been in my head for a little while. I have worked and reworked on it and I let you discover the two variations that I did on it.



Zen Shark

As we all know, sometimes life’s little challenges can add up and feel downright overwhelming. Often, when that happens, when poop hits the proverbial fan, Tom and I respond by telling each other “Remember, we’re sharks!”
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Spring cleaning and NEW prints!

Dust off the shelves and open the curtains to let the light in- it is Spring! You might not be seeing it yet in the climate where you are, but I’ happy to share some of the exuberant energy we have been lucky to witness here in Portland. 69 more words

Children's Illustration

Wacky Wednesday Post #5: Get Down, Gibson!

Hi, there! I don’t have many words to share in today’s Wacky Wednesday words + illustration post. In fact, I just have punctuation. Is that cheating? 20 more words


Half way point

Last week I submitted assignment number 3 and I’ve just realised this means I’m at the half way point!

When I first started the course I was a bit daunted by the assignments, but now I don’t want it to end! 68 more words