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And Relax...

After a rather busy start to the year, I decided to take myself and the kids off to Edinburgh for the half term to visit my Mum and other assorted relatives.   408 more words


Sign of the Beaver - New Look - Newbery Honor Book?

The Sign of the Beaver is out with the new cover and many teachers will give it a try.
In 1984, The Sign of the Beaver got an Newbery honor book award. 139 more words


Wikipedia Poem, No. 59

“children of antigovernment resistance/surface/like/cold skin”

what he said: “We 
   as many 
as many Assyrian Emporers 
       from the 
        children of antigovernment resistance
          cold skin 
      move those captured” Now the Syrian Empire 
the 12 villages in northeastern Syrian antigovernment
principle among them bent on releasing a new exchange formed 
in the release 
        of contacts in the 
scores of the 
      The Assyrians the Islamic 
          State the holybranch of 
Hasaka in recent contacts incident artifacts exchanged 
in the past 
days bringing to 
ancient form in northeastern Syrian 
   Democratic flighting
          media-tory blasts

The Prayers for our Newborn Babies

As I was thinking about my children growing up I cannot help but remember all of those sleepless nights when they were babies.  All I wanted was that extra 5 minutes of sleep.   308 more words


Your Life Work.....

I tend to ponder on deeper things than I discuss with most people. I am the type of person who can be talking to someone, doing three other things and be thinking on something more meaningful underneath the conversation I am having because something that was said, made me start thinking. 503 more words