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Featured Poet: Christa M. Forster

A few weeks ago, physicist Brian Greene visited the high school where I teach and gave an assembly about string theory and other exciting scientific matters, and then he worked with individual science classes on specialized topics. 313 more words


Teaching... Or babysitting?? TIPS!

Sometimes in my profession I wonder if I am truly doing my job or just doing someone else’s job. Everyday I go to work and from time to time I stand there and wonder if I am actually doing what I am supposed to be doing ( like teaching) or if I am there just to care for someone else’s problem? 495 more words


I Am The Mum Who

I have something a little different on the blog today, a post celebrating Motherhood.

Thank you Danielle over at the gorgeous Lilliwhite Rose for the tag :) 442 more words


Our Garden Project ~ Adding a new seed

We added to our garden project. Tomato, the evil fruit.  www.tomatoesareevil.com

We think they are delicious!

Since our peppers are now transplanted we reused the egg carton for the tomato plants. 16 more words



Don’t ask how we got on the subject of foreskin over dinner at the Fly Trap in San Francisco last night, but we did. I was out with a girlfriend and her friends, now my friends, a gay couple who have been together for more than 20 years. 1,364 more words


The Love of Two

Looking at the first few pictures you might wonder why I’m taking pictures of clothes but to me, it means so much more. Today, I gave away all our infant supplies to a neighbor. 442 more words