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When parents/teachers ask me “How can I help those who don’t like to read or not a big fan of reading books to read”? ~~Have you ever thought about “Reading instruction is another type of READING?~~This is my reply.

常常有家長/師長問我有沒有什麼好方法來幫助“無法靜靜坐著讀完一本書, 以及不喜歡讀書”的孩子.
我常這樣回答 “”您可以考慮活動喔. 活動書其實也是閱讀的一種形式.除了內容廣泛, 適合所有程度的讀者之外.重點是在朗讀”活動步驟“的同時, 無形中也增加了孩子的 ‪閱讀力‬.“

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Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea Here to bring you another Monday Evening Post on a Tuesday :D

I am in the throws of deadlines–therefor, this post is late, But I’m glad to be able to share new arts with you! 123 more words


Ni's Sharing Thoughts: Be Willing To Say No To A Project That Is Not A Fit For You!

Here are all my sketches for the Children book project that I was working on last year. I promise to share with you all when I can. 451 more words


moments# 65

Do nice, not always equal to doing something big to make others happy. “It’s nothing” you say, but you’d never know how your “simplest action” could make one person singing and dancing for days, even weeks! 46 more words

Beauty Through Lens

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Free Printable Activity Pages

Some fun activities for your little ones and students !

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