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How I am learning to love myself

Learning to love myself after the abuse is my biggest challenge.

The belief deep deep down within myself that I am worthy of love is integral to my healing and growth. 235 more words



When people here my story, they are often shocked when they find out that my brother is still part of my life.  I can see the questions floating in their head.   882 more words


PTSD ~ Controlling My Terrifying Nightmares

I’ve had problems with dreams and nightmares for years, and never gave it much thought that it may be connected to trauma (PTSD).  After, discussing memories and flashbacks in therapy, I’m beginning to understand how much trauma can have an impact on dreams.   451 more words


More Books to Help Survivors

If Only – Moving Beyond Blame to Belief

David S. Seamands

Victor Books

The Search for Peace

Robert S. McGee & Donald W. Sapaugh

Servant Publications… 304 more words


It is a delightful honor to present this guest post from author and activist, Rachel Thompson (pictured above). I got to know this phenomenal lady when we began following one another on Twitter. 886 more words


Family Lies

Easter is fast approaching, and like every holiday, it reminds me of what I do not have.  My daughter is ecstatic to see her cousin.  She has not seen her  since last Easter, yet she talks about her as though they were best friends.  354 more words


Stuck Grief : Why is it you are looking into therapy?

A man I work with came up with this phrase, “stuck grief.”   He was referring to himself and why he was having trouble with near psychotic thinking. 307 more words

How Therapy Helps