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Kids Clothes Week: Day 1!

And so it begins. Today is day 1 of Kids Clothes Week and I am joining the challenge to take an hour a day to sew for my kids. 91 more words

Sneak Peek: Miss L - 3 years old | Photo Finish Photography | North Sydney Photographer

Check out this little Dutch beauty I was so lucky to photograph last week!  Mum requested a little sneak peek so she could share with her relatives back home.  HALLO!! :)

Photo Finish Photography

Comic Strips: Daylight Savings

How many of us have felt that if we only had an extra hour of sleep we’d feel better. Then add the day light savings and we all feel that we have been robbed of that oh so precious commodity. 58 more words


Gossip Girl, sleepless nights... Oh, and a baby!

So… It’s been a while! But for all who we’re waiting and wondering, if you haven’t already heard, we added another little boy to our bundle on the 31st March! 295 more words


Sending Love Around the World

One of the things I love most about blogging and WordPress is the map on the stats page.  I look at it every day and see that people from all over the world have somehow found my blog and read something I have written.   202 more words


What's On the Menu ~ Chpt. 5 Rice

Cheap, filling, versatile, and easy. These are some of my favorite words when it comes to food and cooking. Right after I gave birth I was alone. 287 more words