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The Rise of the Filipino Baby Mama: Acceptable or Inevitable?

In this country, the number of single unwed mothers is escalating.

According to a few expat friends, apparently being a single unwed mother in the Philippines is deemed “acceptable” now. 1,731 more words


Facing Child Support, Minneapolis Man Joins The Jihad

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Abdifatah Ahmed struggled for years to make ends meet.

After losing his $15-an-hour job fueling airliners in Minneapolis, the Somali-American father of nine survived on low-wage jobs and public assistance. 561 more words

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Nap-Sack allows anyone from around the globe to sign petitions for the causes they believe in, but takes things one step further by creating a social networking site which allows users to participate in ongoing debates and discussions of the social topics they are most passionate about. 39 more words

And the Truth is Coming Out

Still, our state legislatures continue to buy into these “International Treaties” and subject their citizens, families, parents and children, to the laws of the UN.  We have a lot to undo.  59 more words

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HHS Programs, the Root of All Evil

At Red Herring Alert PAC, we focus on our Judiciary and restoring our courts in Minnesota, but we also see that there has been a progressive attack on our families here in America.  118 more words

Government Overreach

Responding to a Sociopath

Ever heard the phrase like oil and water? Oil and water never really mix. Oh, sure, they can be shaken up into such tiny globules that they look completely and wholly integrated with each other, but, given time, they separate out into visible splotches. 730 more words


Overcoming The Challenges Summer Brings To Divorced Parents

Summer vacation is a difficult time for many working parents.  It is stressful to consider what your children will be doing day in and day out throughout the summer while you are working.  448 more words