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“There’s nothing easier than agreeing with an important truth,There’s nothing harder than living it!”


Chicks Dig Scars

I’m not sure, even after 30-some years of life, that I have as many scars as this child. And last week Monday, he added a doozy of a scar to his head, and his second ambulance ride. 1,790 more words

ADHD: Case summaries

ADHD: Case summaries

by Ellen Buikema

The following case study summaries were used as part of the research for my book, Parenting … A Work in Progress… 963 more words

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Art and Creativity, per Otto Rank

The most creative artists, such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Leonardo, know how to separate even from their own greatest public successes, from earlier artistic incarnations of themselves. 130 more words

5 Brain Boosting Ways to Use a Sandbox

As a kid, I remember having the infamous turtle sandbox. I loved playing in it with my sister and making fun sand castles and burying toys. 789 more words

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Lil’ Sprouts: A Parent/Child Educational Program

Offered by the Beaumont Children’s Hospital Center for Childhood Speech and Language Disorders, Lil’ Sprouts is a 10-week course designed for parents/caregivers with their children. The goal of this program is to teach parents/caregivers how to increase speech and language within their home environment. 357 more words