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Ask Carolyn: "Last year, the mother did not return (our) children when she was supposed to...I heard this might be kidnapping..."

Dear Carolyn:

I am the father of two children, ages 10 and 12.  The mother of the children lives in West Virginia, where she moved after our divorce.  541 more words

Child Custody


A Lot Of People Or Programs Promise To Help You Out But Don’t Put All Your Hopes In Them. Because You Might Be Standing All Alone In The Courtroom

child custody arrangements

If You Think

So Many People Judge People Or Don’t Take A Look At What They Are Doing And How It Effects Other People. They Just Go Through Life Believing That They Are Right And Every One Else Is Wrong

child custody arrangements

Finally Divorced

Today I got that long-awaited letter in the mail, the signed papers declaring the divorce final.

I am a free woman.

I’m not as excited as I thought I would be (or as upset as I thought I’d be if you had told me a year ago that I’d be getting divorced). 238 more words

Bad Service and the Child Support Trap: Invalidating the Judgment

By Alan W. Cohen

            Attorney at Law


It’s called “Sewer Service.” Consumer transactions classes in law school have complete sections on the subject.

Whenever a consumer fails to pay his or her utility bills, the process proceeds to collection, and sometimes to the filing of a court case.  586 more words

Fee Waivers for Minnesota Divorce Parties- The Outline

Minnesota has some of the highest court filing fees of any state and the fees keep increasing.  Minnesota, however, has a procedure set out in Minn. 416 more words

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