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David Cameron's appalling hypocrisy on child abuse

It continues to amaze me that so many of our political leaders to day are such sniveling cowardly hypocrites, compromisers and do nothings. Here we have a great example. 243 more words


Mother who abused twins 'does miss them:' lawyer

EDMONTON – A mother who starved and abused her twin girls before one of them died in hospital has told an Edmonton court that she is truly sorry. 394 more words


truth telling

I shared this picture on a Facebook page today.  It is a picture took at the old Athens Lunatic Asylum.  It led to some discussion about the bars on the windows. 373 more words

Council chiefs who ignore child abuse will be jailed

Maximum five-year terms for police, teachers, elected councillors and social workers who turn a blind eye to grooming gangs, Prime Minister announces. No mention of politicians though… 30 more words