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Justice - raising awareness against child abuse

I stumbled upon a piece of a writer about raising awareness against child sex abuse. I was inspired by him like he was inspired by another writer who started this subject. 116 more words

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Tornado John: The Demolition of a Family Unit

Perhaps it is time for me to rewrite my story.  When I began writing, I began before placing both feet on the road to recovery.  I shared every thought, every feeling, everything that was happening to me at the moment I was writing and the days and weeks which led up to it.   339 more words

Child Abuse

Magdelene Laundries

Racism in the USA has always been a contentious political and social issue, well publicised and always in public view.

But the persecution of juvenile women in the Irish Free State, was carried on for decades, concealed by the Roman Catholic church, with the active complicity of the  state authorities, and in a country with a small rural population where everyone knows everybody and everything that is going on, was regarded as a non-issue by the general populace. 70 more words

NY State agency 5 years behind reporting on Child Abuse deaths

All I want to say is that you can run, but you can’t hide.  But I hope you all realize that each year these reports are not filed, it gets a little easier to ADJUST THE NUMBERS!!!! 44 more words

Child Abuse

Clergy Bashing, Lemmings, Stupidity, and New York

There is a price for everything in life, including mass stupidity, as per status quo.

I have been purposely stonewalled by New York and I am not too happy at the moment. 295 more words

Child Abuse

'Abused Emojis' created to help kids talk about abuse

NEW YORK — Abused Emojis is a new iOS app and keyboard that aims to help kids and teens communicate difficult situations through images.

The idea was developed by Bris, a Swedish non-profit which manages a helpline for children and teenagers. 351 more words


What You Need to Know about the Josh Duggar Police Report

Source: Patheos

Author: Libby Anne

Emphasis Mine 

New readers may be interested in my previous writings on the Duggars, including Carefully Scripted Lives: My Concerns about the Duggars… 1,947 more words

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