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The Chicken Coop

My Handy Hubby is at it again! And this time he has built the most amazing chicken coop. With a few finishing touches yet to go, I thought I’d share what he’s done so far, as I am super proud of him and what he’s accomplished! 439 more words


A Walk Through the Garden

A walk through the garden shows me that spring is finally here. After this long, harsh, awful winter, I could not be more excited! I have to look carefully at the soil to see the newly forming life, and it is beautiful. 771 more words


Semi-successful chicken roost

You may remember my earlier posts about the kitchen cabinet chicken tractor I built. The chickens seem to enjoy their mobile home, so I have tried to give it a few creature comforts as well. 550 more words


The chickens have left the building!

I have been scrambling to get the chicken coop ready to house my baby chicks, and keep them separate from the adult chickens.  My goal was to get it done by the end of this weekend –  I ended up ahead of schedule, and it was done (enough) by today to put them in.   585 more words


My brave girl Mabel

My girl Mabel will follow me anywhere. This is her following me to the end of the run to check out the roost damage, slight rebuild needed. 135 more words


Ups and Downs

We candled our French Copper Black Marans eggs at seven days on Tuesday night and, although it’s really difficult to tell with dark brown eggs, we thought all seven may be viable. 102 more words



   We finally have our mulch pile spread out. So far there are strawberries planted along the edges and a hardy banana. We plan to add sunflowers, Jerusalem artichokes, and maybe some other hardy tropical plants for shade… 64 more words