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Flashback Friday

At night our girls are locked away for their safety but during the day they are free to roam the acreage at will.  Will I ever have a veggie garden that doesn’t get decimated as soon as it is planted? 16 more words


Wattles and Combs

I was drawing a chicken in my sketchbook last night.  It prompted me to google the difference between a Rooster and a Hen.

The obvious difference of course is a Rooster crows and a Hen lays an egg. 90 more words


Supplementing Egg Shells

When you walk down the chicken keeping aisle at your local feed store, you will notice “Oyster Shells” as an added supplement. While we do have some on hand just in case, one bag lasts us a while because we decided to supplement crushed egg shells as our source of calcium for our girls. 293 more words

Chicken Keeping

Cheep Cheep!

I am over the top excited about something that some of you will completely understand, and some of you will think I’ve lost it! 

Well actually, many of the things I blog about might make some scratch their heads! 405 more words

Barred Plymouth Rock

Happy Chickens, Happy Eggs

We have had a weird winter to say the least. Finally the night temperatures are below freezing. As we panic about the plants which came up prematurely one part of our backyard doesn’t seem to notice much, our chickens. 234 more words


Chickens - End of the Line

Yesterday was Day 49 of our chicken experiment.

11 days earlier, February 11, we slaughtered half of our remaining flock.  At the end of 12 birds, tired and cold, we decided to leave the rest until after Brian’s next 10 days of work, landing us on this past weekend. 282 more words