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Karl’s Party Tandoori Chicken Meatballs

Miriam and Chris moved recently and they had a house-warming this weekend. A few weeks ago, I made Tandoori meatballs and I decided to make some “party-sized meatballs” for their gathering. 825 more words


chicken meatballs in spicy tomato sauce

My plan for dinner on this particular evening was to make chicken meatballs, Italian style with garlic, onion, parmesan, parsley, egg and breadcrumbs, but I couldn’t get past my craving for spicy Indian flavors.   506 more words


Recipe: Meatballs Made from Leftover Chicken

This recipe was bred from desperation. I was making a beautiful vegetable lasagna for dinner, and my husband asked, “So, what meat are you making with that?”. 310 more words


White Bean and Kale Soup with Meatballs

Thank you, Amy. You shared this recipe with me a while ago and I make it whenever someone in my house is sick. It is our “new” chicken soup and it tastes so good that I can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch. 161 more words


Day 3: Homemade Pasta And SGS

Friends came over today to watch Game of Thrones and eat dinner. John made fresh pasta with 4 cups of flour and 4 eggs, while Morgan made the sauce. 119 more words

Project 365

Bakso Ayam | Chicken Meatballs

Setelah percobaan pertama kali mencoba membuat bakso sapi sukses, saya jadi lebih penasaran bagaimana yah caranya membuat bakso ayam yang enak. Akan sukses juga gak yah di usaha pertama membuat bakso ayam? 776 more words


Lemony Chicken Meatballs with Lemon Caper Sauce

Here is an easy and delicious dish that your family will rave about. The sauce can be used with other dishes so you may want to double the recipe! 266 more words

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