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The Tuscan Table

While sitting down at a Tuscan table several years ago, a local bottle of Chianti served in modest glasses, our conversation quickly started to flow. Memories washed over us  and we slowly began to remember. 534 more words


A Foolproof Pairing to Impress Your Friends: Italian Wine and Cheese Part 2

Pairing wines with cheese is an art form mastered by some and a mystery to others. When you master a few pairings you’re armed with an arsenal of appetizers that will impress any guest. 279 more words

Jessica Polizzotti


“Excuse me Mr. Sir, where is the Chianti?”

I don’t know whether to be more impressed by his manners or by his wine knowledge.

The smiling Trader Joe’s employee responded, “Well, young man, it is right over there, under the airplane and right across from the Merlot.” 66 more words


Dizionario di Cucina: Sugo Finto

Sugo Finto, which literally means fake sauce, is a pasta sauce made with onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes, and red wine. The word “finto” ( 92 more words

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Mangare, Bere, Amare {To eat, to drink, to love}

To eat, to drink, to love. The three most important acts in Italian culture.

When I first decided to study abroad in Italy, I knew that wine was a huge part of the culture. 805 more words


My Ankle and the Pickle Bucket: The Story of My First Kitchen Job

I may be the only Chef in history to literally “fall into” my profession. As a child I had a deep fascination with and love for gymnastics, but following a broken left foot in first grade, I quickly realized gymnastics didn’t love me back. 695 more words